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Looking forward to your future

Birthed just a few miles out of downtown Los Angeles, LALI (Los Angeles Leadership Institute) is committed to championing the calling in every student for both ministry and the marketplace. By taking accredited college courses through Southeastern University, each student will be building a solid biblical foundation combined with leadership and ministry training. Our goal is to develop lifelong relationships combined with hands-on ministry experience in a vibrant church setting. We believe excellence in education extends beyond classes and curriculum to also develop character, creativity and genuine community. We are so excited to walk with you and be a part of your journey as you experience all that God has for you here at LALI!



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LALI provides students with the opportunity to learn and rub shoulders with some of the best leaders in the nation. Each student will be given hands-on teaching and training in all departments of the church including creative media, administration, event planning, worship, as well as the day to day operations of the leadership team. Students will also gain personal experience in planning, organizing and executing weekly services and conferences with our youth and young adults ministry. They will be attending leadership conferences, missions trips, and be part of on-campus ministry at high-schools in the surrounding area. To learn a little bit more about our church please click the link below.




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Here in the land of endless sunshine and celebrities, all of the popular attractions LA has to offer are right at your back door. LALI is rooted at Covina Assembly just 25 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles. With a yearly average of 292 days of sunshine, you will get to experience all the exciting things that Southern California has to offer. You'll never be bored exploring shops, warm sandy beaches, the bright city lights of downtown Los Angeles, restaurants, and theme parks. The best part of the LALI experienceis that EACH student will be receiving an Disney annual pass! As a team at LALI, we will experience all these amazing destinations together through out the year as we have monthly family days. With all that Southern California has to offer your experience here at LALI will be a fun and incredible journey.



We are so excited to join this journey with you and believe God has great things in store for your life. To apply for LALI click the link below.